Reaching Out Via Your Facebook News Feed

September 4, 2015

Reaching Out Via Your Facebook News Feed

What’s the first thing you see on Facebook, right after you log in? It’s your news feed, which dominates your home page. Only the cover image is more prominent, but it does not show up until you bring up your Profile. Until then your news feed is the star of the show, channeling status updates, photos, videos and links of your friends and connections. Its importance is undeniable. You get to listen in on what is happening to your connections and you are given opportunities to engage and bond with them through the platform.

Recently, however, Facebook has introduced changes to its news feed algorithm that could significantly affect whether or not your updates are displayed on the news feeds of your friends and fans. You may have noticed that you are seeing updates only from the same people, and when you post something, it’s the same people who reply. Don’t worry; no one has unfriended you. This is Facebook’s news feed algorithm in action.

Here’s how Facebook controls your news feed. These are the factors you need to think about if you want your updates to show up for as many people as possible without you needing to pay for the added boost.

  • How popular are the things you’ve done in the past? If you’re not updating very often, the updates you do post won’t do very well. This means that while Facebook does not require you to spend a whole lot of time on it, you will do well if you log in regularly. For, example, if in the past your posts receive a lot of Likes, Facebook will look more favorably toward your new posts. The concept works somewhat like search, where you build your reputation as more people link to your content. In Facebook you build your reputation and earn points that make your status post more likely to be seen by others.

  • How popular is your post with the people who have seen it? When you update your status, Facebook places this in front of the people who want to see it, as indicated by past behavior. And then Facebook checks to see how people engage with your post. The more people engage with your status update, the more you earn continuous placement on their news feeds.

  • How popular is your post with specific persons? It’s no longer simply how popular your posts are, in general.

  • What type of posts does a specific person like? Individual users tend to have specific preferences for engagement. Some people may prefer to engage with photos, while others may look forward to viewing videos. Yet others may even focus solely on links to other sites. Creating and posting content in a variety of styles and formats increases teh chances of your content being seen and engaged by others on their news feed.

Knowing how the news feed behaves within specific situations allows you some measure of control over this tricky yet crucially vital component of your social media marketing efforts.

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By Edwin Huertas
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