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Voxy CMS

Free toolsFree social media marketing tools.
Created for information publishers.

We are offering a collection of tools for information publishers and online business, and we're taking our cue from the Swiss, who knew that a knife had to do more than just cut something. Use our suite of free social media marketing tools any time you like.

Your business will thank us.

Facebook™ Tools

Post your status updates and messages to your Facebook wall and pages quickly and easily.

LinkedIn™ Tools

Keep your LinkedIn connections up to date with an easy to use administration panel.

Twitter™ Tools

Use Twitter to its full potential and save time too. Easy posting of both text and images.

Youtube™ Tools

Publish to your Youtube channel. You can also manage your videos via your control panel.

DailyMotion™ Tools

Post your videos to Daily Motion and manage them from an easy to use administration panel.

Marketing Wizard

The (step by step) Marketing Wizard makes it easy to distribute your content fast.

Automatic RSS Posting

Post your favorite RSS feed to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter automatically using our free tools.

Search for connections

Need to connect with more people on your social network channels? Find them by keyword.

Clean your twitter list

If you follow people that do not follow you back you can easily scrub them off your list here.

All of these great tools and more!

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